Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Frodo Baggins

Well, I have told you all about The Fellowship of the Ring, and have told you about Frodo, the main, main character, well, I haven’t told about him really, only mentioned him upon occasion, which is why I am composing this blog post.  There are many opinions on this character, some are strong, others not, some are derogatory some are not. Many think that this guy is a “Wuss”, and others think he is a “Stud”. What do I think? Well… he is a Hobbit in possession of the most corrupting, powerful, and evil thing on Middle Earth, besides Sauron himself, (that last phrase is even a little debatable.) Let us consider, Boromir wasn’t even in possession of the Ring and fell under Its power, as did many others before him; Frodo only finally succumbed to the power of the Ring at the very end, at the very Cracks of Doom.  What do I think? He was a Stud. Nah…well… Frodo was from the Shire, and was a cousin of Bilbo’s, and eventually his heir, which is how he inherited the Ring. Frodo was a caring sort of Hobbit, quite unlike the Sackville-Bagginses. He also had a strong sense of loyalty to a cause. He realized that it was the Ring that had splintered the Fellowship and would continue to do so, and so left the Fellowship, so the rest would not be harmed; he also knew that the quest would only be accomplished if he went alone, and so he did. Frodo also loved poetry as his mentor, Bilbo, did. He is also a downright charming fellow.

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